Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paris Je t'aime!

This is probably my favorite picture from my Paris trip. 
It was my semi last day there, and I took a river cruise. The tower looked majestic and beautiful. It took my breath away. I look at it everyday on my computer screen. And I was motivated to begin a blog of just pictures nothing else. Pictures of Paris. A little of France too :)

I began my love affair with the city of lights many years ago. Why? Who knows. My theory is I was meant to be born there, but God decided to let me take a detour of the also beautiful Aztec Land (Mexico). And then around high school french class I found my true home. 

Although I have a person blog where I've posted some Paris picture this blog will only be dedicated to pictures.  Come follow me!


  1. I heart Paris. That's a beautiful picture. I think people in love with Paris deserve their own box :) They mostly share the same traits. Are dreamers, romantic and love good food and art.

    1. We totally should. We are the hopeless romantics in the city of lights. nothing is ever perfect unless it's under the paris skies :)