Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WWII Paris

Paris Magnifique

D-Day Tribute

We could not imagine a Paris without freedom, without beauty and well just class.
We could not imagine a Paris without good food, and smiles and joy. But there was a time when France fell to Germany's army and all that we know as france was just gone. Paris was in ruins from the bombing, the german soldiers took over hotels and historical buildings .... Parisians were rationed in their own land and many lives were lost. 
Another casualty of the war. 

68 years ago on this very day... American troops disembarked off the coast of Normandy to help save france and end the war. The beginning of the end perhaps. But there was a long way to go, not just in ending the war but rebuilding Europe and in a sense it never was the same.

Here is an ordinary picture, of a not so ordinary city, that we all love and we thank those brave American GI's for saving our beautiful Paris :)