Thursday, September 13, 2012

Iron Spirit & times of tears

I will miss you Paris
I always have
Even when I hadn't met you
I knew I would miss you
I knew how much I would love you
Because there is a mystisim
And a charm
About you
Because there is a subtle glow about you
That fits with me
There is a timeless fashion
A classic look
I promise to come back
For u have inprinted in me
A desire to see you
Walk each boulevard where so many legends
Have lived and died
And laughed and cried
Where stories are made
Books written
Fortunes accumulated
And debauchered
Land of kngs
And queens
Of balls and castles and wars
That have left legacy for all its children
Paris daughter of France
Of the revolution
Bearer of the Marsailliese
Oh grand city of lights
I love you

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