Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Paris Moment: Une Photo Personelle.

We all have it the Paris Moment. Be it on your first visit or your 40th. There is a moment when the city captivates your heart. A moment when you realize everything that was said about it falls short, that your would move here an instant and you want that moment to last forever.
My Paris moment was walking along Le Jardin de Tuilleries on a bleak september day a year ago, the wind was a bit harsh, the stores were still closed and I had wandered unknowingly into this historic garden that was under renovation, well all of Paris was that late summer. 
And then I looked up suddenly and there it was the the magic moment. The classic castle, the backside of the Louvre peaked out, and it was real. It was within my reach, I took my camera to eye level, or I might have kneeled to take the picture. And I captured that moment. 
Paris Je t'aime!


  1. First, thanks so much for finding and commenting on Chopsticks and String.

    I'm a huge Paris fan, too. Recently on my primary blog, The Marmelade Gypsy, I did a series of Paris posts based on my April trip. It took more days than the trip did, and I could keep on going. I hope you will stop by there as well; I am very far behind in my book blogging!

    1. Thanks Jeanie, I love reading anything and everything about Paris so I will for sure stop by... :)