Monday, November 26, 2012

Paris tu me manques!!

Being in  Paris is in itself a Fairytale. Long, old, winding roads made of cobblestone and brick houses. Beautiful castles that spread across the land, like markers of a grander era, of kings and queens. Fashion that seeps into your subconscious from a long lineage of designers that have changed the world. And food like no other, food that as many would say has ignited revolutions, over crumbs of bread, or so goes the story goes. HaHa.
But to be inside the castles, is another story. And more so if the fortress in question was made during dueling kingdoms, passed on for generations and finally houses the most impressive art collection in the world. Le Louvre. 
This is the underground of it, it has a bit of it's history :)
Paris tu me manques!!!

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