Thursday, January 10, 2013

We'll always have Paris ...

While this is not my best picture there are many reasons why it's the best for this post.

There are many things that scream Paris, the great monuments, the lights at night on the Eiffel Tower, the gentle flowing of the Seine, the streets lined with stores, the pastry shops, the macaroons, the gaping tourists, the reminders of it's great past in every corner; but, few things are as simple as a Metro sign.
If you want to say Paris with one picture, nothing is more iconic that this. The true essence of a city, from Film Noire to memories of taking the metro, buying a Pain au Chocolate underneath it, or exiting near my flat to find a man selling chestnuts.

I know we are ringing in a New Year, lucky 2013 and that I was not posting for most of the end of 2012 but holidays are hectic, and I've gotten lost a bit a long the way. But Paris is always my go to place to smile, to dream. And my favorite saying is
 'We'll always have Paris"
A bientot! 

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