Thursday, April 25, 2013

Simply Paris

It's funny, the way life works, the amount of attachment one an form in a few days, hours, minutes.
I have only spent two weeks in France; but, I feel like I have lived there forever.

I was reading a book the other day, about Paris. 
And it made me sad, to the point where I almost cried.
I realized I missed it, it was part of who I am.
Cliche I know, but cliches are sometimes true.

And it was not about the great monuments, or how famous it is.
It's simply about Paris.
Simply Paris.

This is a shot of simplicity, a canal along 'la rue' on the 16th arrondissement.
Nothing fancy, no tourists, no souvenir shops, just life along the bank. 
Simply Paris

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No longer; the religious Paris.

In a city flagged by famous churches and religious monuments, we often find that all they now hold is an allure. An allure of something that was and is no longer.

Like this picture, it was a day where I was happy and in awe. It was something that is no longer.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paris I promise

When the world becomes a burden, when I feel lonely and sad, when life is uncaring and relentless, when my dreams seem to crumble down; I close my eyes and remember Paris.

I know it's been long, too long since my last post. I have no apologies, I've been busy, really busy. I've been creating a life, good job, family, home, you know the 'ideal' one we dream about. Thought to be honest the perfect life is what we make it.

I have a lot of pictures to share with you, and drawings and hopes. I will have even more after (hopefully) my end of year trip to 'la belle france'!
But, today mon petit is not a day for pictures, it's much to early in spring, and not early enough, it's still chilly and the cold wind mingles with the rays of sun. Today is a day for hot tea, and pretending to read as you dream of better days.
So today I have words, that will hopefully make up for all the days and weeks that pictures made an absence fonder.

I wrote this poem the day I left Paris, the city of lights ...

"I wanted to bring Paris in a handbag

But someone, somewhere told me that it could not be done

So, I settled for a few souvenirs and a promise

Made on the airport gate

To come back soon

Childhood fascination perhaps

Adult obsession could be

But when I sat on that little café

A bottle of wine and a head full of dreams

This is where I belong

I wanted to bring Paris in a handbag

Fold it like pocket map

And take it out as soon as I arrived

But, I was just a dreamer

It could not be

So, I brought home a picture

And a broken heart as the plane took of

“Paris I promise to be back” I said

Crossing my heart and wiping a tear."