Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paris I promise

When the world becomes a burden, when I feel lonely and sad, when life is uncaring and relentless, when my dreams seem to crumble down; I close my eyes and remember Paris.

I know it's been long, too long since my last post. I have no apologies, I've been busy, really busy. I've been creating a life, good job, family, home, you know the 'ideal' one we dream about. Thought to be honest the perfect life is what we make it.

I have a lot of pictures to share with you, and drawings and hopes. I will have even more after (hopefully) my end of year trip to 'la belle france'!
But, today mon petit is not a day for pictures, it's much to early in spring, and not early enough, it's still chilly and the cold wind mingles with the rays of sun. Today is a day for hot tea, and pretending to read as you dream of better days.
So today I have words, that will hopefully make up for all the days and weeks that pictures made an absence fonder.

I wrote this poem the day I left Paris, the city of lights ...

"I wanted to bring Paris in a handbag

But someone, somewhere told me that it could not be done

So, I settled for a few souvenirs and a promise

Made on the airport gate

To come back soon

Childhood fascination perhaps

Adult obsession could be

But when I sat on that little café

A bottle of wine and a head full of dreams

This is where I belong

I wanted to bring Paris in a handbag

Fold it like pocket map

And take it out as soon as I arrived

But, I was just a dreamer

It could not be

So, I brought home a picture

And a broken heart as the plane took of

“Paris I promise to be back” I said

Crossing my heart and wiping a tear."

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