Thursday, April 25, 2013

Simply Paris

It's funny, the way life works, the amount of attachment one an form in a few days, hours, minutes.
I have only spent two weeks in France; but, I feel like I have lived there forever.

I was reading a book the other day, about Paris. 
And it made me sad, to the point where I almost cried.
I realized I missed it, it was part of who I am.
Cliche I know, but cliches are sometimes true.

And it was not about the great monuments, or how famous it is.
It's simply about Paris.
Simply Paris.

This is a shot of simplicity, a canal along 'la rue' on the 16th arrondissement.
Nothing fancy, no tourists, no souvenir shops, just life along the bank. 
Simply Paris

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  1. Reading Down and Out in Paris and London at the moment. Makes me see Paris in a very different perspective.