Monday, May 20, 2013

Paris is like coming home.

Have I told you? 
Have I told you the story of my last day in Paris?
It was as heartbreaking and wonderful as you think.

I did what a true tourist would do.
I did what  true Parisian would do.
Go Shopping.
Go eat.
Get an expensive hotel room and have the time of your life.
I was in Paris after all? 
Was I not?

Galleries LaFayette ... all the books and souvenirs that 
would later cost me extra weight on the plane.
But who cares?
"Je ne regrette rien" ~ Edith Piaff

Then dinning at a small Parisian Cafe.
Hot Chocolate and Escargot. 
"Paris is a moveable feast" Hemmingway

And then soft music, bubble bath, delivery pizza and low lights
at the airport hotel. 

But, it was heart crushing. Going to sleep that last night in Paris.

Hotel at Orly Airport, Paris.

So I try, with every whimsical afternoon to remember Paris.
The promise to come back.
Because I miss it.
Because in days when the world has been overwhelming, way to serious
and hectic. When I find myself missing the past, the recent past, the far away past, 
the way things were. 
And when I miss the future that is yet to be.
I remember Paris.
The promise to come back.
I remember Paris 
and it's like coming home.

Seal Beach, Ca.

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