Saturday, August 16, 2014

So Very Strange

It's so very strange 
These mornings that we wake up to
They're calm and they're tranquil
And I can almost feel the hope

It's so complicated 
This world we are born into
There is right and there is wrong
And there is what we choose to do

It's a gripping love affair
A storyline for tragedy
And often we are left
With doubts of what is best
Because there was no other choice

It's almost bizarre
This thing we call life
How much is too much?
And how do we make it stop?

The tears and insecurity
That seems to never fade
The fear and loneliness
Or this strange world

[photo: view from Sacre Coeur, Paris]


  1. A very moving poem that sadly echoes the thoughts of many. Sacre Coeur is a lovely contrast to these desperate words. Amicalement