Monday, December 7, 2015


I used to believe we had forever
We had time to spare
You and I
We'd always be young and free

And now the loss 
Hides in the corners of our memories
The ones we created 
And the echoes of your voice

I used to believe in magic
I used to believe in God
But somehow I'm not quite sure
How he'd let you die
How he could be so unfair

There is a dark silence 
Haunting whatever peace I had
I used to think everything would be fine
In the end we'd be happy

But you have proven me wrong
I wonder how
And I wonder why
And perhaps it isn't my place to ask
But I want to know
Because in the silence of my home
I can't keep the tears at bay 

I used to think hurt was temporary
But nowadays it shows up everyday
One too many people lost 
And the loneliness creeps up uninvited

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Too Late

It was done
He could not take it back
The words echoed in my heart

It was one four words breaking
As he spoke
Shattering the world

He tried
Tried to apologize
For the words that spilled out of his mouth

It was done
Too late
Nothing could be erased

I cried
And I knew it was the end
Tonight he'd walk away

It wasn't over
He repeated
He just needed space

To breathe
From me
From this

Whatever it was
He could not call it love
It was to late

He tried to take them back
The words bouncing of the floor
I don't love you

Not anymore
Not before
Not today

I don't love you
I strung them together
And hung them on the wall

Four words
That he could not take back
Ever again.