Monday, December 7, 2015


I used to believe we had forever
We had time to spare
You and I
We'd always be young and free

And now the loss 
Hides in the corners of our memories
The ones we created 
And the echoes of your voice

I used to believe in magic
I used to believe in God
But somehow I'm not quite sure
How he'd let you die
How he could be so unfair

There is a dark silence 
Haunting whatever peace I had
I used to think everything would be fine
In the end we'd be happy

But you have proven me wrong
I wonder how
And I wonder why
And perhaps it isn't my place to ask
But I want to know
Because in the silence of my home
I can't keep the tears at bay 

I used to think hurt was temporary
But nowadays it shows up everyday
One too many people lost 
And the loneliness creeps up uninvited

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